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homepage of the Ascom website, with a full size image and a call to action button

The client is a Japanese IT company that wants to attract more candidates with a better profile in order to double the manpower by the end of the year.  The company has developed a work culture that is pretty flexible in comparison with other Japanese companies, with the willing to offer to the employees a great place to work. The CEO has decided to renew the interior design with more modern furniture, aligned with the company identity. At the same time, the company has invested more ressources in the recruitment effort, posting job offers on usual Japanese job boards and increasing its presence on social media.
In this context, the website should reflect the image of the company, provide all needed information about the company culture and available careers and of course, make the candidates want to work at the company.

The candidates targeted by the company are mostly young web-developers, IT engineers and 3D designers, who are looking for a welcoming and  flexible working environment where they can develop their skills, work on appealing projects and communicate easily with the management.
— The current company's website doesn't reflect the company culture and the visual identity
— The design (images, colors...) is pretty old-fashioned 
— There isn't any specific page explaining what a career at the company looks like. The website is mostly clients-oriented
— There isn't any application form to source candidates from the website

Design a career page that:
— reflects the company culture (great place to work) and the visual identity (colors aligned with the logo)
— follow the trends in term of type of images, icons and architecture
— include the information seeking by the candidates: who is the CEO and the team, why a career in this company more than in another one, available job, possibility to apply online in an easy way, contact information...
— create an online form where candidates can easily apply to jobs
Remark: because most of Japanese companies has a complicated online application process, we have decided that keeping the things simple would be a competitive advantage. As the company is opened to different kind of profiles, with or without experience and from different backgrounds, the main goal of the online application process is not to screen candidates but to source easily new candidates.
Preliminary step: interviews with the current co-workers, some candidates, the CEO, people involved in the recruitment process and the internal web-developer
01 — Analysis of the users journey and their pain points during a job search and application on a Company's website
02 — Sketch of ideas and new discussion
03 — Low-fidelity wireframe and new discussion
04 — High-fidelity wireframe
career at ascom, content management, information architecture and logo
Presentation of the type of career offered at Ascom and the advantages to join the company. When most of the company in Japan still have a traditional working culture, Ascom has developed a more flexible environment, with an easy communication and a flat organization structure.
Ascom offers two type of job opportunities : working within the office or being outplayed at a client's office. This represents a new approach of a career in Japan, particularly for a new generation looking for a more flexible environment and the possibility to experiment different companies and jobs in one life, developing their skills and unleashing their potential
the most important section of the page, the description of job offers
The descriptions of the generic jobs offered by Ascom are displayed in 2 columns on one page. The type of jobs to staff in priority appears first,  but the candidates can load more descriptions. Most of companies in Japan share some long job description but here, we chose to display only some short, catchy description focused on the purpose of the job and the required skills, to attract younger candidates who don't want wasting their time on some career website.
The online application form is pretty simple and is collecting only some basic information that will help to screen and sort out the applications received by the company.
end of the wireframe, with a call to action button redirecting to the contact form page
Ascom also invites Freelance to join a "Freelance community", via a separate application form. The objective is to support some web design, software engineers and other professionals aspiring to create their freelance activity to connecting them with clients. Finally, Ascom offers any perso to contact the team, to ask question or just schedule a visit of the office and a first meeting over a cup of coffee.
visual identity of the ascom website wireframe, respecting the company DNA and colors of the logo
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