Work : App UI/UX and Visual Design  | Company : Genesis Healthcare Co.  | Tools: Adobe XD. Sketch,  InVision, Illustrator, AE

Awarded by Good Design Award 2019      
Project background
At Genesis Healthcare, we aim to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives through preventive and personalized wellness based on personal DNA tests.

As UI/UX Design Manager, I'm leading the UI/UX Strategy and designing the best customer experience possible on our web platforms and mobile applications, making DNA test's results understandable and actionable for the users. I work closely with the Marketing, Creative, Tech and Data Science Teams, promoting a User-centric approach within the company.

Genetics App mobile project
 As Application Design Project Manager, I'm leading the UI/UX/Creative design of our the new Genetics and Wellness mobile app for our existing and new customers as an extension of our DNA kits and online Genetics reports, including customized advised about DNA and lifestyle, a wellness tracking interface and a ChatBot.
Currently working on the release of the beta version, while preparing alternative versions for some future developments that will involve more features based on Artificial Intelligence.

Project status
Beta version and tech prototype presented during the DNA Day 2019
MVP launched in June 2019
Iterations and full version development are currently on progress

Press release

Good Design Award 2019 : link to the online gallery
1. UI/UX design process
From the analysis of the business needs and the user needs - in order to identify the pain points related both to the exploration of DNA data, and health coaching interfaces - to the prototyping.
2. Persona analysis
Confidential, for competitive reasons
3. User Journey
Confidential, for competitive reasons
3. User flow
Core user flow, covering the whole user experience on both Web and App interfaces, from Genetics Kit purchase to App wellness features usage.
App design overview
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