Work : App UI/UX and Visual Design  | Company : Genesis Healthcare Co.  | Tools: Figma, Illustrator

Project background
1. Challenge: Give a reason to the user to come back to the app
One of the biggest challenges for some companies that launch an app for their users is to keep a high AU (active user) rate. For example, Genetics company struggle with offering long terms services for its users. Once a user has read in details their genetic results, they won't have a real reason to go back to the app. 

2. Solutions 
2.1. New useful features
To go beyond the reading of genetic results, the company needs to offer some useful features that the user can benefit from on a daily basis. The analysis of the persona, the user interviews, and the user journey have shown the opportunity for one main feature expected by the users:
- Regular customized advice about their health and Lifestyle monitoring
A beta version of this solution was implemented in the app via the design and development of a "MyCoach" interface.

2.2. Additional motivational trigger
On top of new useful features, it's possible to use some tools inherited from the Marketing field as a loyalty/Reward program. This solution might be particularly considered for the Japanese Market where the users are a large range of royalty programs and use points cards on a daily basis (Rakuten points card, D-points card, ID card, Suica card...). The fact that a good royalty program is offered can make the user to want to use a service more than another.
We have decided to go with this additional solution by launching a reward program for our users and offer an interface in the app dedicated to the collection and the redeeming of points.
This solution was coming with another benefit: we aim to collect more and more anonymized data for our partners and B2B clients working in Genetics research, but to collect more data than the ones covered by our terms and conditions, we could only offer to our user to participate to some surveys on a voluntary basis. Then, the offer to join a reward program is the possibility for some users, if they want, to contribute to the research and be rewarded for that. 
UI/UX design process
For this project, the UI/UX team was challenged to deliver the project with a really stretch deadline when the Business team was still defining the specifications of the Reward system and its terms and conditions. In this context, I dedicated more time than usual to the benchmark.
1. benchmark
Benchmark the screens flow of about 15 apps, some available only in Japan and some only in the US: Rakuten, Rakuten Points, Google Play Points, Starbucks, Uber, Lyft, Get Miles, Samsung pay, Drop, Freebirds, Docomo points 
2. User flow
Core user flow, covering 6 flows (register to the program, earn points, check details of points, check history, redeem points, learn more about the program) and new app sections architecture.

New architecture of the sections of the app

3. Screens mockup and flow
High fidelity mockup, for the user flow in the Program section of the App and the in the Program settings section in the User account, showing both the opt-in process and the opt-out process.
Program section
Settings menu
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