Work : App UI/UX and Visual Design  | Company's industry : Biotech | Tools: Figma, Illustrator

Project background
"GeneLife 3.0" is the first mobile app dedicated to Genetics results report that also includes a wellness tracking interface. The purpose is to offer to the user a full experience, from the understanding of his/her genetics results to the opportunity to modify his/her lifestyle routine. Indeed, you cannot change your genetics but based on your results, you can reduce the risk to develop some disease you have a high risk to develop.

1. Do at least as good as the fitness/wellness app on the market
One of the most important challenge for companies developing health/fitness/wellness tracking app is to make the data input easy and intuitive. . 
Of course, wearables are improving the data input method a lot, making the life of users easier. However, this means that the user needs to have a wearable device and that the wearable device must provide perfectly consistent and reliable data. Yet, the quality of the measure is sometimes not fully reliable (sleep measure device) when there are nonexistent for B2C users (nutrition intake). In addition, use cases analysis show that there is a large proportion of user that stop using a wearable after a certain time, because of some practical constraints (charging the device, weight of the device...).  For example, there is still no perfect solution to help the user to capture his/her calories intake. This means the process is still manual, by entering the number of calories eaten looking for a food item in a database
2. Connect the experience of Wellness tracking with the experience of genetics exploration
On one hand, the user can read his/her genetics report. On another hand, he/she can track his/her lifestyle habits. We can go beyond the simple delivery of genetics exploration or the simple tracking of wellness by proceeding data coming from genetics and tracking, in order to provide customized advice. This requires to work closely with the Lab team, the Bioinformaticians and the Machine Learning engineers, in order to develop, step-by-step, an interface that answer these expectations.
For challenge 1: UX research
- Conduct a user needs analysis to understand perfectly the pain points related to wellness, and plan the development of features for short, mid and long-term.
 - Benchmark the best Fitness/Wellness app on the market to identify successful UX concepts and UI components.
For challenge 2: "Advice" feature
Include a section in the app dedicated to customized advice based on genetics result and/or lifestyle information provided by the user. This could be done in the beta version thanks to our database and the pre-existing advice defined by the team of Bioinformaticians, working on correlations between genetics data and lifestyle data for the last 5 years.

UI/UX design process
1. User analysis

2. User flow

3. Wireflow

4. Mockups and screens flow
Core flow made of the most important screens.
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